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🎮 Gaming & Esports

If you ask 10 different people what gaming and Esports is, you will get 11 different answers. Therefore, it is vital to turn to science. The purpose is to foster a more clear understanding of what constitutes gaming, Esports, and their ecosystems. This knowledge lays the foundation to distinguish between them and get a better grip on the science behind them.

The Esports Ecosystem
Happy Sunday, friends. In today’s newsletter, we’ll take a different approach to looking at Esports. Instead of viewing it from a sporty, highly organized, competitive, and professionalized perspective where performance is the focal point, we are going to explore Esports as an industry. What are the relevant stakeholders?

🏆 Performance

In gaming, same as in life in general, people strive the for the optimum - the best performance. However, it is unclear, especially in the new fields of gaming and Esports, how to achieve this goal. Therefore, the purpose is to identify the factors that contribute or hinder high performance. As we dive deeper into the topic, I'll present science-backed practices information and practices that may help you to improve your in-game performance.

The best way to warm-up and improve in-game Performance
Welcome everyone to a new episode of Gaming Science. In this newsletter, we’ll discuss the impact of warm-up routines on gaming performance, a topic chosen by you all earlier this week. Specifically, we’ll explore the effects of different warm-up types—physical and cognitive—on speed and accuracy during gameplay. 💡 Highlights
Which Psychological Skills are most important for Esports Performance?
Happy Sunday, everyone “Psychological skills in esports: Qualitative study of individual and team players” is the name of the study for this week’s episode. Its aim was to explore the key psychological skills that affect players’ performance in esports. It’s aim… “[…] was to explore […] the key psychological skills

⚕️ Health

Playing video games of any kind is known to have positive but also negative aspects. Our goal is to minimize the negative, and enhance the positive sides of it. In order to achieve this, I present facts, practices, and protocols grounded in science. Understanding the health related aspects of gaming can empower everyone to work towards a better gaming behavior.

Feel Pain while Gaming? Here’s why!
Hey there, everyone. It’s Sunday - time for another episode of ‘Gaming Science’. Studies have shown that up to 80% of gamers have experienced gaming-related pain. With a number that high, it’s more than worthwhile to take a closer look at the factors contributing to gamers’ pain and the body
The Average Gamer and Stress
Merry Christmas, everyone. Over the past two weeks, we explored stress and stressors of professional Esports athletes. This week we’ll conclude (for now) the section of stress by expanding the view, including the average gamer. What causes stress for the average gamer? How do they fit in with the

👨🏻‍💻 Gamer

Gamer are their own kind. It is not fully understood what characteristics recreational or Esports athletes inherent. However, it is vital to build an understanding in order to deliver practical, science-based facts to improve your life and gaming behavior to everyone who enjoys video games.

Are you a problematic gamer?
Hi everyone, and welcome to a brand new episode. Today’s episode concerns problematic gamers and the risk factors that contribute to it. What characterizes problematic gamer, and what are the risk factors? A better understanding of this helps gamers to improve their health by bettering their gaming behavior. 💡Highlights
Why we play Video Games
Hi everyone. In today’s episode, we discuss different types of motivations for video gaming and how this knowledge helps us improve our performance, health, well-being, game enjoyment, and gaming behavior. 💡Highlights • Understanding our motivation to play video games is important. It can help you enhance our gaming behavior, health,

🤓 Guest Newsletter

Learning from research is an important part of acquiring knowledge in any domain. However, subjective experiences also hold tremendous value. Therefore, it is my desire and endeavor to incorporate a more practical view. In order to achieve this, some newsletter episodes are written by experts from the fields of gaming and Esports.

Guest Episode | Nikita ‘SKillous’ Gurevich: The Importance of Mindset
Hello fellow gamers. It’s time for new guest episode of Gaming Science. 🥳 This episode is written by Nikita ‘SKillous’ Gurevich, one of the best StarCraft II players on the competitive landscape. As a professional player, he has gathered knowledge and experience from many years of competing on the highest level
Guest Episode | Alexandre ‘FunKa’ Verrier: The State of Esport Casting
Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new episode of Gaming Science. 💡Today’s episode is a guest episode and written by an OG of the esports business - Alexandre ‘FunKa’ Verrier. To you StarCraft, DotA, or Smash fans out there, FunKa is no stranger, and I’m very exited and thankful

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Become smarter in just 5 minutes; trusted by 200+ (😍) readers .

Sign up for 'Gaming Science', where we explore the latest science on gaming and
esports, as well as industry insides every Sunday, for free, and directly into your inbox.

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