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Why I Am Starting a Newsletter, and What It Is About

Why I Am Starting a Newsletter, and What It Is About

🎯 My Goals

At the end of last year, I decided, for 2023 – as my New Year's Resolution, if you will – I want to be more active on social media. There were a few things that bothered me for months, and I didn’t know how to address them; all I knew was that I wanted to change something.

🌐 #1: Connect with People

From an early age, I enjoyed playing video games. In 2010, when StarCraft II saw the light of day, I was amazed by it. When I took my first steps into the Esports scene, a scene I only knew from behind the screen, I wanted to connect with people who share similar interests and my passion for gaming and Esports. The pre-COVID world was a fantastic place to do so; DreamHack events, HomeStory Cups, WCS, etc.

Then, 2020 hit… My urge to connect with people increased during COVID times, as we weren't able to do offline Esports events anymore. Not being able to travel and seeing all the familiar faces I share so many good memories with wasn't easy. As for many other people, I somewhat "lost" an important part of connecting with friends and the community.

📡 #2: Share My Esports Research Knowledge and Experience – Giving Back to the Community

To this day, I have worked as an admin/referee in Esports for about 12 years. That's quite something if you think about it. It’s not an easy job; you're the first to enter the venue, and the last person to leave it. You have to communicate with and coordinate players, sponsors, fans, production, etc. It's fun, I enjoy it, and it teaches you a lot!

Besides my journey in Esports, I studied economics, and for a few years now, I have been a doctoral candidate. My research focuses on individual and team performance in Esports. So, a good chunk of my daily life revolves around Esports.

Doing Esports on a (almost) daily basis – research and hands-on – adds up to a lot of experience and knowledge. I feel like sharing this gaming and Esports knowledge and my experiences, as well as funny and interesting anecdotes could be interesting or even helpful to other people out there.

In addition, after being in Esports for so long, I felt like giving back to the community, the people who welcomed me into their midst. I want to share what I've learned (and still do) – something of value.

🪙 #3: Golden Nuggets – Improving Others' Lives

Soon after my economic studies, I started working as a lecturer at a university in Germany. Lecturing, teaching students, and working at a university equip you with a great toolset to use in various domains in life. It also fed into my enjoyment of reading science books and watching lectures (yes, I actually enjoy those things).

Through working in Esports, studying economics, researching Esports, lecturing, and educating myself, I have learned so much and picked up lots of golden nuggets along the way. Those golden nuggets have significantly improved my life, and I think they will be valuable to other people too.

🚶‍♂️ A Mediocre Start...

At the beginning of this year, I commenced sharing gaming and Esports research facts online. Although it was a start, it did not meet my expectations. It wasn’t what I aimed for – It wasn’t „rich“ enough.

I explored other options online that would be better suited for my needs. First, I considered creating a YouTube channel and making videos. However, I was unsure if this was the right path for me (yet) – maybe one day. So, I kept searching.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a video discussing blogs and newsletters. I really liked the ideas, so I started digging a bit more.

📨 A Newsletter & Blog It Is!

For the last few weeks, I have been working on building a website and setting up everything to write a newsletter and blog. Let me tell you, it’s quite a bit of work if you’re clueless and haven’t done anything similar before! Domain name, layout, design… I’m a bit of a perfectionist… let’s just leave it at that. 😉

Anyway, I decided that a newsletter would be an elegant way to connect with people who share the same interests as me. You can get it for free, delivered straight to your mailbox weekly. It's anonymous, and just one click away on social media for other people interested in reading it.

Therefore (🥁 drum roll), starting this Sunday, I will write a weekly newsletter called the "Sunday Summa." In this newsletter, I will share high-quality insights from the world of Esports, the science behind it, as well as practical tips and tricks to improve our quality of life. Occasionally, I will also include snippets from my personal life. 😉

The newsletter is a way to share the valuable information I discover in life – the golden nuggets. I hope it will be informative and beneficial to my friends, community, and others out there who share the same interests.

You are welcome to join me on this journey. ✍️ Sign up for the "Sunday Summa" newsletter and let's explore together! 🙂



  • An Esports administrator/referee, researcher, economist, and lecturer are sharing their knowledge with the community.
  • The author will be writing a weekly newsletter and blog.
  • The newsletter and blog will cover Esports and its science, practical tips to enhance our quality of life.
  • Sign up for the "Sunday Summa" newsletter to join the journey.

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